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TV Oddities 2

Yet another drowning guest....

Rainbow-Mario Kart DS Superleague

As today, this is the Rainbow-Mario Kart DS standing....each mushroom means a victory....I m the one on the red kart


Figure Drawing Sketches

Here is a first series of sketches done using posemaniacs.com.
This is a good site with nude poses for doing figure drawing. The poses are actually a little stiff, so this could cause some problems for beginners, but other than that this is very helpful for people who wants to practice some figure drawing from the comfort of home.
One of the great features of this site is that you can choose the poses and the time for each pose...these poses I have just uploaded are 30 secs, which is a great way to practice to capture the gesture of each pose.


Concept Art of the Week

Concept art for Xbox 360 videogame.
Art by Giovanni Cavalieri

Life Lesson Learned (maybe)

Being humble does not pay!