Be Part of the Movement

Hansom Gian is now on a T-Shirt.
Buy yours here
and spread the word....toys look better in their box!


TV Oddities 2

Yet another drowning guest....

Rainbow-Mario Kart DS Superleague

As today, this is the Rainbow-Mario Kart DS standing....each mushroom means a victory....I m the one on the red kart


Figure Drawing Sketches

Here is a first series of sketches done using posemaniacs.com.
This is a good site with nude poses for doing figure drawing. The poses are actually a little stiff, so this could cause some problems for beginners, but other than that this is very helpful for people who wants to practice some figure drawing from the comfort of home.
One of the great features of this site is that you can choose the poses and the time for each pose...these poses I have just uploaded are 30 secs, which is a great way to practice to capture the gesture of each pose.


Concept Art of the Week

Concept art for Xbox 360 videogame.
Art by Giovanni Cavalieri

Life Lesson Learned (maybe)

Being humble does not pay!

Winx Club Believix in You for Nintendo DS

It's out!
My first published game for Nintendo Ds.


Concept Art of the Week

Concept art for Xbox 360 videogame
art By Giovanni Cavalieri


Toys 3

Here it is, my Doraemon's Hansom Gian sitting pretty in its nice box.

This toy looks so alive! I love it!

In one episode of Doraemon's comic book, Gian, the bully chubby guy, turns into an handsome guy.

From this little episode in the Doraemons saga, someone decided to make a toy; I love the idea that some executive approved the production of this idea, therefore i choose to buy to support it.

We need to support original thinking...well, at least that is what I do.

Toys 2

Great gift from Daniele Manga-Man .......Mario Luigi and Yoshi.
This might be the first time I take one toy out of the packaging......Yoshi looks awesome!
Right now they make my desk all colorfull with their red blister card.
I could stare at them for hours......thanks Dani, great gift!


This is the first of a series of posts about how odd Italian TV can be.
Look at the image on the left....how come on this show the guests always sits so low as compared to the host?
I just don't get it.



I have started recently to collect toys.
I m not a big fan of any movie, cartoon or comicbook in particular, so I m not out in search of every possible item of some particular movie or cartoon character; I buy whatever struck me at the moment.
There is a toy company that produces the kind of toy I like. Its name is Medicom Toy, and here on the left is a picture of my latest purchase, Doraemon's Gian-Handsome Version (I will post a picture of the toy sitting on my desk soon, just to keep-up with the trend of keeping things real personal on this blog).
So what do I look for in a toy?
A toy to be part of my collection must have these characteristics:
--Being of relatively big size (this one in the picture stands a cool 28 cm).
--The general outline of the toy must be simple and clear. I don't like McFarlane toys for example coz they have too many tiny pointy details that just don't make it for me.
--Packaging! My toys will never get out of their original box. Is not that I m hoping they will gain in value during the years, is just that a toy is a beautiful design item with the box......toy and its box go together.
Plus, boxes in their squarish clean outline shape keep my table in order. I don't like to see empty spaces in everything around me, and that applies to my working desk as well.
I will post pics of other toys I own in the near future.


Thanks to my good friend Daniele I m finally starting a blog. In these days Daniele showed me blogs of various artist from all over the world. I have realized that a blog is much better than a website; you still have a chance to show your work, and you can express your opinions and let people know you better. A blog, thus, is more personal, and give the idea to viewers that there is an actual person trying to share and promote his work, and they are not just viewing impersonal images.