I have started recently to collect toys.
I m not a big fan of any movie, cartoon or comicbook in particular, so I m not out in search of every possible item of some particular movie or cartoon character; I buy whatever struck me at the moment.
There is a toy company that produces the kind of toy I like. Its name is Medicom Toy, and here on the left is a picture of my latest purchase, Doraemon's Gian-Handsome Version (I will post a picture of the toy sitting on my desk soon, just to keep-up with the trend of keeping things real personal on this blog).
So what do I look for in a toy?
A toy to be part of my collection must have these characteristics:
--Being of relatively big size (this one in the picture stands a cool 28 cm).
--The general outline of the toy must be simple and clear. I don't like McFarlane toys for example coz they have too many tiny pointy details that just don't make it for me.
--Packaging! My toys will never get out of their original box. Is not that I m hoping they will gain in value during the years, is just that a toy is a beautiful design item with the box......toy and its box go together.
Plus, boxes in their squarish clean outline shape keep my table in order. I don't like to see empty spaces in everything around me, and that applies to my working desk as well.
I will post pics of other toys I own in the near future.

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